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John L.

John – CEO of

“From the start of our partnership, SMA showcased a high-level of understanding of our company’s unique needs and challenges. The strategic approach to overhauling our Pardot and HubSpot Marketing Automation and Salesforce CRM software practices was nothing short of brilliant.” 

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Dana Peterson
Complete Pardot Overhaul!

“I'm a loyal fan of SMA's complete, marketing automation audit. I've been using them for over a year and my marketing department has seen game-changing results. We were completely clueless for many years using Pardot and got everything we needed from the audit report and ongoing help there team provided." *

Dane Patterson - CMO - Corporate Insight - New York
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Our Marketing Automation Strategy & Web Presence Needed Work

“I'm a stong believer in hiring the right people, SMA proved that from the start. I recently discovered them and my team got a clearer picture how to use all of our systems including our CMS, Email Marketing and Lead Generation from there team. We are grateful to have our marketing automation strategy and processes working successfully" *

Greg Warner - CEO - ImarketSmart

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9 Reasons to get a Marketing Automation Healthcheck..

Reason #1: Optimized Performance

Ensure your Pardot instance is running at its peak performance. An expert consultant health check identifies areas for improvement, optimizing your system for maximum efficiency.

Reason #2: Maximize ROI

Leverage the full potential of your Pardot investment. A health check ensures you're using all features to their fullest, extracting maximum value and improving your return on investment.

Reason #3: Works for small to large companies

Getting an expert to audit your practices and processes can help whether your small or big. An expert can find key-wining strategies that you can use in your automation stragtegy.

Reason #4: Lead Nurturing Excellence

Fine-tune your lead nurturing strategies. An expert consultant can provide insights on enhancing your lead scoring, grading, and nurturing processes, ensuring you engage and convert leads effectively.

Reason #5: Gives your customers a quality experience

When your automation strategy, from content down to processes is effective your customers will thank you. Customers who get stuck in clunky and miss-aligned marketing and sales usually share those bad experiences with their peers. Avoid this at all costs!

Reason #6: Automation Efficiency

Streamline your automation workflows. A health check identifies opportunities to enhance your automation processes, reducing manual efforts and increasing the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Reason #7: Data Accuracy Insurance

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data. An expert consultant health check reviews your data integrity, helping you maintain clean and accurate information for more effective targeting and decision-making.

Reason #8: Stay Compliant

Keep up with regulatory standards. A health check ensures your Pardot setup aligns with the latest data protection regulations, helping you avoid compliance issues and safeguarding your brand reputation.

Reason #9: Proactive issue identification

Identify potential issues before they escalate. An expert consultant health check is a proactive approach to identifying and resolving any potential challenges in your Pardot instance before they impact your operations.

"Every marketing team should have effective marketing automation"

Joel Kaplan - CEO of Top US Marketing Lead Gen Agency

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