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Want to learn how to create your first email nurture program? If so, it’s the perfect time to get starting using powerful tools to nurture your new leads and convert them into lifelong customers!

When you are new to using email marketing automation, it can be somewhat exhausting or overwhelming to figure out what to do first. But you are in luck! Starting your very first nurture program doesn’t need to be difficult at all, you can simply start your first few emails and providing timely relevant information within a very short time (After reading this post).

To get started, we need to look at where your leads are coming from to figure out the best program that will target them effectively based on their behavior. No matter where your leads are coming from or what they are doing, you can tailor a simple drip program which will help you create value and new opportunities.

3-Step Email Nurture Program for New Prospects from a Web Form

  1. First Email – Thank them for completing the form in 1-2 paragraphs, talk about your brand and mission. Ease them into your company, and provide them with related content such as links to your website or a download.
  2. Second Email – Send this 1 week from now, using 1-2 paragraphs invite them to a related event or offer them something of value to download or try like a free trial to your product or service.
  3. Third Email – Send this another week from the second email and use 1-2 paragraphs asking if they would like to purchase a sample of your product or service or book a meeting/consultation. (You can limit this be not allowing prospects who haven’t opened the first two emails to be excluded by for this one)


Example Email Nurture Program Flow Chart

Email Nurture Program


2-Step Email Nurture Program for new leads you imported externally 

  1. First Email – Re-connect with these leads by mentioning where you met them or got their information. Transition this be talking about the place, event, webinar or source by bringing up something specific about the interaction to build familiarity. Then in the second paragraph, you can talk about connecting or offer them more valuable information about your company or product. The more details you had about the first interaction, you can build on that conversation and make it personal.
  2. Second Email – Follow up another week later, talk about how great it was meeting them and see if you can reconnect by inviting them to meet you at another related event or book a meeting.

3-Step Email Nurture Program for leads who have gone cold after 30-90 days

  1. First Email – Re-engage with them, by asking how things are and make it personal. Offer them something of value such as a whitepaper, case study or content.
  2. Second Email – Follow up another week later, provide them with a discount code or valuable offer. You can also talk about a contest or special event you would like to invite them to in the future.
  3. Third Email – Follow up another week later, offer them a final chance offer with a time limit. Something that you can give away for free which is valuable can catch these inactive prospects from being cold.


After you have tried these campaigns, you will be able to get the hang of the basics. You will be on your way to becoming a marketing automation program pro! Contact us for more help by going here.




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