Many organisations are desperately trying to find better ways to improve their business, save money and take advantage of what email automation has to offer. First of all, most B2B and even B2C companies have determined that email marketing is the number one channel that produces return with very little overhead costs.

Any overhead costs that email marketing really have are the software, template designs, man hours to manage the system and the cost of the database. For company’s who really want to improve this area of their business, here are some great reasons to dive into the Email Automation game…

1. Saves Your Employees Time Using Email Automation

Your email marketer or digital marketer who is running your email campaigns can automate processes like monthly, semi-monthly, annual eblasts they have to send out. The can also save time by automating the follow-up emails that need to go out after company events, and even automate processes to can convert subscribers into customers without ever having to call them.

With all this time saved by automating these processes, the marketing manager can focus on other tasks such as running reports or other campaigns which need attention.

Email Automation

2. Saves You From Hiring Designers & Data Analysts

Many email automation tools come fully equipped with email templates for free, and have such robust reporting that anyone on the team can run very detail reports at will. Tools such as Pardot or Salesforce are so beautifully designed they offer quite a large select of templates, report templates and designs right out of the box!

Team members can easily use these reports, templates to build their own marketing materials without having to hire a graphic designer.

3. Easily Removes Contacts and Prospects who aren’t Valuable To Your Business

Email automation can also reduce the time salespeople spend with potential clients who aren’t even interested or ready to buy your product or service. A good marketing automation tool can help identify the people in your email database who are more interested in your products, alert your sales rep to follow up accordingly and make better use of their time.

Email Automation can provide a science such as scoring and grading which will allow your business to focus on the right people at the right time when they are engaged. This saves your employees time and reduces the time it takes to close a sale!

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