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The purpose of this Lead Generation Blueprint for Financial Services is to walk you through exactly how we generate leads, appointments and sales for the Financial Services sector.

I’m sure you’ll have lots of questions therefore please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Pick Your Niche

Rather than going after every man and his dog, think about who your ideal customer would be. When running Facebook Ad campaigns they prefer it if you can be as targeted as possible. You’ll also be able to be more specific with your offer to attract people in.

Whether it’s Doctors, Business Owners or Senior Managers – pick one and ensure you understand as much as possible about them.


Find out:What are the top 3 things they want (short / medium / long term)

What are their pain points?

What are their fears?

What are they interested in?

Where do they spend their time?

The role of aesthetic in establishing brand identity

What could the Lifetime Value (LTV) be worth to you?

Understand The Triggers

Here are the Triggers when someone may need help from a Financial Advisor.

We’ve split them into 3 categories:

1. Vision, aspiration & planning (Cold lead) 2. Life events (Medium lead)

3. Product Led (Hot lead)

Vision, aspiration & planning (Cold lead)

These are leads where people are not really in the market for anything currently – but it’s getting them to think about what they do want out of their life. Whether it’s the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

Especially if someone was to tell exactly what they wanted; their dream home, lifestyle and what they want their retirement to look like.

Life Events (Medium lead):

This trigger is when a significant life event has occurred. For example: Marriage, children, loss of a loved one, thinking of buy their first house.

When these events occur, people tend to seek out advice on future financial planning. With the right hook or offer these leads could be good potential customers.

Product Led (Hot lead):

These are the people who are already in the market for a certain product or service. Whether it be Life Insurance, Mortgages, Investments, Pensions etc – they will most likely have done some research and are ready to buy sooner rather than later.

Lead Generation Strategy

Too often when businesses use Facebook Ads for example, they focus too much on trying to sell Top of Funnel.

Unless you have an amazing offer and a well known product it will be hard to sell with a typical buy now ad (However it can be done).

Remember people don’t go onto Facebook to buy anything, they go on their to socialise and see what their friends and family are up to.

Therefore it’s important to start focusing on building a relationship with them. Having done your customer persona research, what could you offer them that will solve a small problem that they are having?

A lead magnet is where you offer something of value in exchange for some basic contact details such as name, email address and even a phone number.

A lead magnet could be any of the following:

Ebook or guide Savings calculator Video training Free consultation Templates

Funnel & Campaign Ideas

A lead magnet is typically the start of the funnel.

A Funnel will take a prospect from a cold lead into a warm lead through a series of touch points. Funnels come in all shapes and sizes including email, videos, podcasts and more.

Some funnels can be very long (Depending on the product or service you are trying to sell). Typically if the product requires more investment then more trust will need to be built up too. You can therefore do by this building a longer funnel which educates people further.

The best way to design a funnel is to look at your existing sales process. Map out the steps and typical questions, answers and objections and use this as a starting point.

The length a funnel will vary but I don’t believe in building big funnels for the sake of it. They will require testing. A good start point is to create a minimum viable funnel and then build it out from there.

Once you have tested this initial funnel out you’ll be able to see if it needs to be made longer. You could drip feed more information via email for example before asking them to book a call with you.

Once you’ve provided some initial value you’ll be able to build upon this and nurture them further. Within the financial services industry it’s all about getting that booked appointment (rather than just generating the lead).

You’ll be able to achieve this with short and longer funnels – depending on the product or service you are selling (More on that shortly).

Are you ready for more qualified appointments?

We hope you’ve found this blueprint useful.

We focus on building profitable lead generation systems for Financial Advisors and Business Owners.

Our aim is to get you as many qualified appointments that you can handle by putting in key systems and processes that will do the heavy lifting for you.

I’d like to invite you to a FREE discovery call where I’d like to personally answer any questions you have on our Lead Generation Blueprint and how it could be used for your firm/practice.

This call is strictly focused on value and providing you with more insight.

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