Customer Stories

Find out how we helped these businesses drive their success forward by using Salesforce tools the right way. 


Avocados from Mexico was unable to automate communications with their client base and new potential leads. The client needed to communicate better with leads, and sync all leads from Salesforce for segmentation and targeting for automated programs.


An enterprise data firm in North America that provides financial data services as well as credit services to consumers and B2C companies. At the time of implementation, the firm was utilizing the following technologies: Service Cloud, Amazon Red Shift, Corvette database, Marketing Cloud. 

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How Corporate Insight used Sales & Marketing Automation Inc’s Pardot Audit & Consulting Support to make their B2B Marketing Skyrocket!

pattern logo needed a full re-launch and implementation of their brand in Hubspot with workflows, landing pages, and emails. Great re-launch story!

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From marketing automation strategies to technical setup, we conduct a comprehensive audit of every aspect of your instance performance.


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