Recently the Government of Canada decided that they should implement a new legislation starting July 1st, to increase restrictions on email and electronic marketing. Since many marketers have relied on purchasing lists, blasting to newly acquired contacts…how will they adjust?

In my opinion, Marketers in Canada should be more focused on an inbound methodology which helps to drive targeted traffic and leads through organic search and content. A robust marketing strategy, which showcases content and value is the best way to get potential buyers to opt-in and give their required consent. This removes the work of gaining that consent, and letting marketers continue sending offers and announcements to bring in revenue.

When a new visitor or content reader, sees something they like from a company, they automatically can become an advocate of a company’s product. This advocate may have their own a network of business contacts who may be a new source for your business to tap into. Canadian Marketers will need to find better ways than purchasing email lists and spamming potential new clients, just to get a few sales…indefinitely. Begin with adding value.

There is nothing worse than having your company known for consistently spamming and promoting your services without consent, so why hurt your reputation anyway? As a marketer myself, I have looked at other ways to market without emailing. For example, using direct mail, social media, PPC, fax marketing and partnerships, I have been able to start improving communication and increase eyeballs.

Ideally, as a marketer in Canada I feel it’s my obligation to be more innovative using things like webinars, video content, white papers and written masterpieces to attract new business. If I inspire someone, they will like my company, they will become an advocate, they will opt-in, they will share, they will buy when they have the time and money to do so…

So for all potentially worrying marketers, don’t fret. It’s only the beginning of a new era where companies should connect on a deeper level with clients rather than focus on forcing consumers to buy products without knowledge. It’s like asking someone to marry you after the first date, simply don’t do it.

4 Ways To Change Your Marketing Tactics & Drive New Sales

1. Write A Blog

A great way to get more traffic, leads, conversions and sales is to write consistently and get found in search engines. Get people to sign up to your blog and register, that way you can send them information. Ensuring that your company maintain legally written CASL compliant disclaimers and get the proper consent to send, you can grow your customer database much faster this way.

2. Establish A Social Community

Social media is everywhere, start a community online on LinkedIn or Facebook. Many audiences are there and waiting to be discovered (i.e. by your business). If you are online and have a great website, think about how you can use it to start an audience and gain presence within online communities that are specific to your niche. For example, post comments in related forums and social sites with a link back to your website.

3. Create New Content With CTA’s

Having quality content these days such as articles, white papers, e-books, videos and more will help you succeed. Hire a writer, or become one yourself. If people like your content, they will automatically give you consent to publish more to them. They might even take you up on your sales pitch or marketing offers a few months from then. So get started!

4. Do A Mail, Telephone Or Fax Campaign

Fax and Mail aren’t dead you know that you can still get a high ROI from these channels? Direct mail when done correctly, can be interesting and effective at the same time. We are so bombarded with digital communications, when a flashy and creative piece of paper comes our way, we often will stop to look are intrigued by its presence.

Marketers today are constantly tested on how to adopt new strategies to grow their business. Learn how to adopt and innovate, so you can stay ahead of the demand!

If you have any more ideas, feel free to leave your comments below and share!

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