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The most important and valuable process for any company is the sales process when you convert a visitor, prospect or casual window shopper into a first time customer. This infant stage is a crucial time in the buying cycle, and everything must geared toward incubating and developing this relationship. So how do we make money, and use drip marketing to improve this process and grow a business quickly?

Below are 3 ways you can identify who in your database is ready to buy, and interested in learning more about your promotions and sales. Identifying these people and attracting them to buy is the most important part of a companies goals, so let’s get started…

Create A Sales Nurture Drip Marketing Campaign

If you are using Marketing Automation, there is nothing more important for a company than moving prospects into customers and influencing them to eventually buy a product. Without being in front of the customer when they’re in potentially making a purchase, it’s very difficult being that first company there for the sale rather than you competition. This is why marketing campaigns such as a Sales Track drip marketing campaign can do the heavy lifting and response to prospect interactions and get your product in front of them at the right moment.

Notify Sales Reps When Prospects Are Ready To Buy

Immediate follow-up is very important when prospects are in the mindset and are ready to buy, as in snatching up that low hanging fruit and fast sales. The huge issue is that if a prospect is on your website or ready to buy and doesn’t know about your current promotions or how to reach you and speak to someone within a short period of time, deals may be lost.

Use Automation For The Entire Sales Process

If you have a way to sign customers up, collect payment and send on-boarding/welcome emails and then renew customer all using Marketing Automation, you will be more advanced than most companies today. Set these process up and let your sales team work on other things, plus also save money by not having to hire administration staff.

Learn how to setup an automated sales process by downloading this template 

Sales Process to use in Drip Marketing

Quote: Drip Marketing Can Speed Up The Sales Process Buy Up To %80 Percent — Anonymous

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